Intro to Professional Writing


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Intro to Professional Writing

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Development, delivery and evaluation of effective means of communication by use of a variety of presentation methods. The use of current technology within different audience dimensions is a focus. Effective written communication allows individuals to understand each other, encourages people to take action, and motivates others to think creatively and critically. This course introduces students to the practice of using rhetorical principles in the context of business and professional writing. Students in this course learn to consider audience and purpose to develop an appropriate style as they prepare written documents required in the workplace. Students produce documents both individually and as part of a group. Students in this course are introduced to the basics of writing grant and research proposals. Prerequisite(s): COMM 1100 or COMM 1100H or COMM 1110, and ENGL 1102 or ENGL 1102H, with a minimum grade of C.