International Baccalaureate (IB) Credits

When appropriate, and evidence is provided that the course work is comparable to a college course, ABAC will award college course credit for IB credit following the guidelines outlined below:

  • Semester credit hours and course credit will be given for IB Diploma completers only. Please visit for details.

  • The particular courses for which students receive college credit may vary from institution to institution, depending on what courses the institution offers - determinations of course comparability will be made by the respective departments; the range in credit hours allows for a match with particular courses, including labs.

  • Total college course credits awarded for IB assessments may not exceed 24 credit hours.

  • Students may opt not to take the credit.

In addition, the following may be allowed.

  • After the appropriate core courses are credited, if students (diploma completers) have additional acceptable IB assessment scores (minimum 4 for HL, minimum 5 for SL) that have not been awarded course credits, ABAC may award credit for other lower-division courses outside of the core for up to a maximum of 24 total credits.

  • ABAC may choose to award credit to students who did not complete the diploma program but were awarded a certificate for completion of a specific subject area for higher level courses with a minimum assessment score of 4.