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Special Fees and Charges

Each returned check given to the College by an individual will result in a service charge of $20. If three checks are returned for the same student or family, no other checks will be accepted by the College.

An orientation fee of $40 will be charged to each student entering ABAC for the first time. For more details, please visit

Student Health insurance provided by United Healthcare is required for the following types of students:

  1. All international students holding F or J visas.

  2. All students enrolled in the Nursing program.

The premium is based on the age of the student and may range from $1,700 - $2,700 annually. Family and spouse plans are available as well.

Waivers are subject to the discretion of United Healthcare for certain situations. Student Health Insurance is not refundable through the Institution. All F1 Visa Status Athletes are required to purchase an additional rider for insurance coverage during practice and competition events. Waivers for the rider are also subject to the discretion of United Healthcare and must be applied for through the provider.

Housing charges are subject to the contract signed. For more details, visit

Meal plan requirements vary by student status. For details on the meal plans available, visit

Other fees are associated with specific classes; examples include science labs, golf, and bowling courses. 

All tuition, fees, or other charges are subject to change at the end of any academic term.