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Tuition and Fees

Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College tuition and fees are assessed according to the policies of the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia. Registration is not complete until all tuition and fees have been paid. Students are responsible for determining account balances and securing payment by the established payment deadline. The College’s web site is the most up-to-date reference for registration and payment deadlines, but notices are also sent to College email accounts. ABAC email is an official means of communication with students.

Failure to fulfill financial obligations may result in denial of readmission, registration, certification of attendance, transcripts, graduation, etc. Official transcripts will not be issued and graduation will be denied for students whose accounts are delinquent. The College reserves the right to cancel a student’s registration for non-payment at any time after the payment deadline.

ABAC reserves the right to use a collection agency and to pursue legal action to collect any debt. Once an account is placed in collection or legal action is pursued by the collection agency, the student will be liable for all collection fees, which will be in addition to the amount of the original debt. At this point, the student will no longer be able to pay the College directly, and any communication or correspondence with the College about such debt must be directed through the collection agency.

ABAC Net Price Calculator is available to view at the following web page: