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Core Curriculum, Associate Degrees

Abraham Baldwin Agriculture College offers the Associate of Science in Core Curriculum . The degree provides students with the benefits of a broad general education, and prepares them for further study in many disciplines at ABAC or at other colleges and universities.

To earn an Associate of Science in Core Curriculum, students must successfully complete 42 credits in the areas specified by ABAC’s University System of Georgia approved Core Curriculum (IMPACTS), and 18 credits in Field of Study/Area F as prescribed by the student’s advising pathway. Additionally, students must complete ABAC’s Physical Education (PE) Requirement (course, and 1 credit of PE activity course credit [unless exempt as defined in the  Physical Education (PE) Requirements policy of this Catalog]).

ABAC offers the following advising pathways which students can follow within the Core Curriculum to optimally position themselves for transfer into a bachelor’s degree program at ABAC or another institution. Please refer to the Associate Degree Program Maps for the specific course requirements of each pathway.

Programs and Pathways