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Regents’ Policies Governing Classification Of Students

The following policies have been adopted by the Board of Regents for the purpose of determining the tuition status of students:

  1. a) If students are 18 years of age or older, they may register as an in-state student only upon a showing that they have been a legal resident of Georgia for a period of at least 12 months immediately preceding the date of registration.

    • Students who are transferred to Georgia by an employer are not subject to the durational residency requirement.

    • Students who previously held residency status in the State of Georgia but moved from the state then returned to the state in 12 or fewer months.

    • Students whose parent, spouse, or court-appointed guardian is a legal resident of the State of Georgia may register as a resident provided the parent, spouse, or guardian can provide proof of legal residency in the State of Georgia for at least 12 consecutive months immediately preceding the date of registration.

     b)  No emancipated minors or other persons 18 years of age or older shall be deemed to have gained or acquired in-state status for tuition purposes while attending any educational institution in this State, in the absence of a clear demonstration that they have in fact established legal residence in this State.

  2. If a parent or legal guardian of a minor changes legal residence to another state following a period of legal residence in Georgia, the minor may retain classification as an in-state student as long as he/she remains continuously enrolled in the University System of Georgia, regardless of the status of the parent or legal guardian.

  3. In the event that legal residents of Georgia are appointed by a court as a guardian of a nonresident minor, such minors will be permitted to register as an in-state student provided the guardians can provide proof that they have been residents of Georgia for the period of 12 months immediately preceding the date of the court appointment.

  4. Aliens shall be classified as nonresident students, provided, however, that an alien who is living in this country under an immigration document permitting indefinite or permanent residence shall have the same privilege of qualifying for in-state tuition as a citizen of the United States.