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Emergency Withdrawal

If a non-academic emergency prevents a student from completing their coursework (e.g., severe medical problems, traumatic events) and when the timing or nature of the emergency prevents them from voluntarily withdrawing from their classes, they may request an Emergency Withdrawal. This guideline provides information for the student to submit the request and also provides information on the process.

Emergency Withdrawals are subject to the following restrictions:

  • A student must initiate an application for an Emergency Withdrawal no later than one academic year after the semester in which the courses were taken.

  • A student may be granted an Emergency Withdrawal for a maximum of two non-consecutive semesters of their enrollment at ABAC.

  • A student may not request an Emergency Withdrawal after degree conferral.

  • An Emergency Withdrawal usually applies to all courses for the semester, but in exceptional cases, an Emergency Withdrawal may be granted for some but not all of the courses. The request for a partial emergency withdrawal will need to be justified at the time of application.

Emergency Occurred Before the Midpoint or Last Day to Withdraw

A student is expected to voluntarily withdraw from their classes if an emergency occurs prior to the midpoint of the semester, regardless of the reason for the withdrawal (see Full Withdrawal). Whether or not a student had the ability to withdraw from classes before the semester midpoint is considered in determining the approval of an Emergency Withdrawal request. A student who lives on campus should apply for an Emergency Withdrawal to deem if a breach of contract is applicable.

 For more information or to apply for an Emergency Withdrawal, visit,