POLS4350 - Fund of Int'l Relations


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Fund of Int'l Relations

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This course introduces students to the fundamental principles and key theories that have shaped and guided the international system over many decades, and to the most salient themes in international relations; including the problems of war and peace, conflict and cooperation, population growth, and human rights. It also examines various paradigms and major theoretical tools used to study international politics including positivism, behaviorism, and traditionalism. Attention is focused on several prominent security issues in modern international relations, such as the Cold War and post-Cold War world, nuclear weapons, nationalism, and emergence of terrorism as a major force. Additionally, this course examines economic aspects of international relations, such as globalization, world trade, environmental pollution and other international issues. It focuses analysis on various geo-economic disputes over trade, investments, immigration, deforestation, foreign aid, drug smuggling, and technology transfer.