2018-2019 Catalog 
    Apr 04, 2020  
2018-2019 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Area D

Natural Science, Mathematics, & Technology (11-12 hours)

Science Versus Non-Science Degree Programs

In general, students pursuing an Associate of Arts degree will follow the non-science guidelines for the Core Curriculum.

The Core Curriculum track for students pursuing the Bachelor of Science and Associate of Science degrees will depend on the major and track for baccalaureate students and on the transfer pathway for the Associate of Science degree.

Non-Science Majors:

Plus, one course from the following:


Non-science majors may alternately choose 8 hours from the list of courses for science majors in Area D.

Either of the PHSC classes can serve as a pre-requisite for SCIE 1006  or SCIE 1007 .

Math electives may be discipline specific.

Students changing from a science to a non-science major or transferring from another USG institution may use courses taken in Area D science option, to satisfy the Area D non-science option requirement.

Science Majors:

Plus 3-4 Hours from the Following:

  • Any lecture and lab course from the above list not already counted to satisfy core requirements Credit Hour(s): 4
  • Any MATH higher than 1113 (Except MATH 2008 ) Credit Hour(s): 3 - 4


MATH 2053  is required for all tracks in Biology, B.S.  

Biology, B.S.  majors are required to earn a minimum grade of C in Area D courses.

Nursing, RN to BSN Completion track, B.S.N.  are required to earn a minimum grade of C in Area D courses.

MATH 2054  is required for further study in engineering and biological and agricultural engineering.

Area D sequence is not required for all tracks in Agricultural Education, B.S.  

Science majors who choose 4 hours may have one hour to be counted in Area F.