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Minor in Business

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Students may earn a minor in discipline areas where majors are offered at the bachelor’s level if they complete the required 15 to 18 semester hours of coursework, 9 semester hours of which must be 3000- or 4000-level courses. A minor may be earned simultaneously with or subsequently to earning a bachelor degree. Courses taken in Core Areas A through E may not be counted as course work in the minor.

It is strongly recommended that students include the following in the core (Area A-E) courses: MATH 1111, ECON 2106 and MATH 1401.

Students are responsible for ensuring they satisfy the prerequisites before taking any upper level Business course.

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Note: When course(s) are used to complete Core Areas A-E of a degree program, students must complete different course(s) to meet the requirements of a minor. (i.e., No Core Area A-E course may be counted in a degree program and a minor.)