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Department: Dept of Agriculture

While ABAC has grown significantly throughout the years, Agriculture remains at the core of our foundation. The Department of Agriculture at ABAC offers Bachelor of Science degrees in Agriculture, Agribusiness, Agricultural Technology Management, and Environmental Horticulture. The department is guided by nineteen full-time faculty members who provide instruction in essential agriculture knowledge, agribusiness, agricultural engineering, agronomy, animal science, horticulture, pest management, and turf science.

Agriculture students have numerous chances to apply their knowledge on campus at the 400-acre J.G. Woodroof Farm and 9-hole Forest Lakes Golf Club. Students can also get involved in some of the thirteen student-led organizations supported by the department and enhance their knowledge while networking with agriculture professionals. Internships also play an integral role in the Department of Agriculture and often lead to job offers for students. We are proud to boast more than a 90% job placement rate for our students after graduation.

ABAC’s agriculture program attracts students from all over the Southeast and beyond, with graduates representing our school across the entire nation. Students have enjoyed success in a variety of agriculture-related fields ranging from farm management and systems building to pro golf turf management, horticultural design, and so much more.

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