2019-2020 Catalog 
    Jul 16, 2020  
2019-2020 Catalog


Dropping Classes: The start of each term has a “Drop/Add” period. Drop/Add is the only time during which students may “drop” a course completely without either academic or financial penalties. After this period, students will need to officially “withdraw” from their classes, with academic or financial penalties, as stated below.

Single Course Withdrawal: If student need to reduce their course load during a semester, they may officially withdraw from a class with a grade of W, provided they complete this action before the mid-point in the semester or session. Please see the academic calendar for the last day to withdraw with a grade of W. After midterm, students withdrawing from a class will receive a grade of WF. Students withdrawing from a course must first see their instructor to initiate the withdraw. After the instructor signs a drop form, the students must submit the signed form to the Academic Support Center. See the “Change of Schedule ” section for further information. Although a grade of W has no impact on the grade point average (GPA), the student should be aware that negative effects on Financial Aid result when withdrawing from any class. A grade of WF (withdraw-fail) has an impact on the GPA and may also have adverse effects on Financial Aid.

Total Withdrawal from the College: Students who voluntarily withdraw from the College must first consult with Academic Support and complete a “Student Withdrawal Form.” Students completely withdrawing from the College before mid-term will receive a grade of W and those withdrawing after mid-term will receive a grade of WF in all enrolled courses.

Withdrawal from Learning Support Courses: Students who wish to withdraw from a co-requisite Learning Support course must also withdraw from the college-level course for which the Learning Support course is a co-requisite.

Medical Withdrawal: Medical withdrawals initially follow the same procedure as total withdrawals from the college. Students must first consult with Academic Support to begin the process. Before mid-term, medical withdrawals are the same as all other official withdrawals and students will receive a grade of W in all classes. After mid-term, students seeking a medical withdrawal must submit the appropriate medical documentation on a medical doctor’s letterhead, signed by a physician who is not a family member, to the Student Development Center. If it is determined that the student must withdraw from classes for a given term for medical reasons, the Student Development Office will notify the students’ instructors, the Registrar’s Office, Enterprise Information Services, and the Housing Office. Students will be given a grade of W in all classes if passing their courses at the time of withdrawal. If the student was not passing at the time of withdrawal, then a grade of WF will be assigned. In all cases, students should make every effort to keep the instructor informed of any situation which affects class attendance. A medical withdrawal must be only for the student’s illness or medical issue.

Medical Withdrawals for Prior Semesters: Medical withdrawals for prior semesters will be granted only if students can provide adequate documentation that the medical condition for which they withdrew was such that the students or family members could not contact the College before the semester ended.